Major recording updates were done in April 2015.


Last Name First Name Click to Hear Recording Description Click for Transcript
ALLEN MERLE 1984 Mr. Allen discusses his many years of experience in farming, first with his father and later on his own farm. Transcript
ALTENBERND FRED 1985 Mr. Altenbernd has been farming since 1960. He discusses his experiences as a farmer in Wilkin county and later near Sabin, MN. ** Available for Adoption
BENNEDICT EWALD 1985 Mr. Benedict shares some of his many experiences as an onion farmer. He discusses the crop failure of 1936 and the use of German prisoners as laborers. Transcript
GRETTUM HENRY 1985 Mr. Grettum relates his many years of experiences as a farmer in Minnesota, and also of his service on church and school boards and in farm organizations. ** Available for Adoption
HOLTE MELVIN 1989 Ninety-six year old Melvin Holte discusses his years of farming, as well as his involvement in some farm organizations. ** Available for Adoption
Johanson George 1985 Mr. Johanson talks of farm life from 1918 to 1985. He describes the hard times of the 1920s and his parents' experiences.  
OLSON E. ROBERT 1984 Mr. Olson describes his early life on a farm. He discusses changes in farm operations and his attitude toward credit agencies and farm organizations. ** Available for Adoption
ONAN GRACE 1984 Grace Onan tells of her life growing up on a farm, and her early education in a small country school. 1** Available for Adoption
SHERMAN LAWRENCE 1984 Sherman describes his experiences as a local farmer from 1925 to 1974, including his experiments in farming and his early use of fertilizer in cultivation. He also discusses his activities as a member of the Farm Extension Board and as president of the Farm Bureau in this area. ** Available for Adoption
THOMAS AUBREY 1985 Mr. Thomas describes his boyhood on the family farm, his grade school education in a one-room schoolhouse, and also discusses how machinery and economic conditions have changed over the past thirty years. ** Available for Adoption