Major recording updates were done in April 2015.


Last Name First Name Click to hear Recording Description Click for Transcript
ARNBERG CLARA 1985 Mrs. Arnberg discusses the family owned business of Arnberg and Rasmus, a meat processing plant, and her many business responsibilities.  
DIERKS ARTHUR 1985 Life long Moorhead resident, Mr. Dierks discusses the history of the Dierks Printing firm. He describes the printing operation, sales, distribution and changes which have occurred in the printing business.  
EAGLE CLIFFORD 1988 Pharmacist Clifford Eagle, discusses his involvement with Rexall Drug Company, his years in the service, and the organizing of the American Legion in Fertile, Minnesota.  
EDLUND GEORGE 1987 Mr. Edlund briefly discusses his tailoring business in Moorhead and makes observations about the business community in Fargo and Moorhead. 7/20/2017
EIDBO PAUL G. 1986 Mr. Eidbo gives the background of Eastgate Industries Inc., started in 1916, which he manages. He tells of the processes involved in the raising, extracting, and marketing of honey. 7/20/2017
ENGLESTAD ROBERT 1989 Businessman Robert Englestad discusses his work for Foss Associates of Fargo-Moorhead and his tire recycling business.  
EUREN PAUL 1985 Born 1911, Mr. Euren has worked as a city salesman for Fairmon Foods Co., and operated small businesses in Morrhead. 7/20/2017
EVENSON ETHEL 1985 Ethel Evenson worked at Evenson's Grocery from 1912 to 1959. She discusses the store's history, her early experiences, and compares the grocery of 1915 to that of today. Marth Evenson also comments.  
FAY JAMES 1985 Mr. Fay entered the real estate business in 1953 at Amerland company. Now president of that company, he describes the history of real estate locally.  
FOSS MARK 1988 Mr. Foss, administrator of Foss Associates and Architectural Engineering of Fargo-Moorhead, discusses the history of the company. He also highlights some new structural designs in buildings.  
GOLDBERG MAX 1985 Mr. Goldberg describes his career as the president of the First National Bank of Moorhead, with emphasis on the period of the 1930s depression. Transcript
GUTAW WARREN 1985 Mr. Gutaw discusses his career in the restaurant business in Moorhead, as proprietor of the Key City Lunchroom, and later Warren's Cafe. Transcript
HAIMA CARL 1985 Born in 1900, Mr. Haima has operated small businesses in Moorhead. He discusses his father's general store and his businesses. 7/20/2017
HOLLANDS MURYEL 1985 Mrs. Hallands discusses her many years experience in business and the Hollands Dry Cleaners establishment.  
HOWE ROBERT 1985 Mr. Howe was an engineer at the Fairmont Foods company. He discusses the history and operation of the company plant in Moorhead. 7/20/2017
Kenny William 1985 Mr. Kenney tells of his experience in business and of his ownership of a cage and hotel in Moorhead from 1945 to 1974. Transcript
KIPPELS DOROTHY 1985 Mrs. Kippels, describes the Waterman's Store which she and her husband owned from 1944 to 1967. 7/20/2017
MALVEY CARROL 1986 Mr. Malvey reflects on his life from his childhood in Moorhead to his partnership in the Malvey Service Station and his participation in Moorhead civic activities. 7/20/2017
MARTINSON ERIC 1985 Martinson discusses the coal and fuel oil business in the Fargo-Moorhead area from 1926 to his retirement in 1968. 7/20/2017
NEUBARTH RICHARD 1985 Mr. Neubarth began working in his father's jewelry store in 1952. He discusses the family jewelry store and the jewelry business in general.  
OVERBY MARJARIE L. and NORMAN 1986 The Overbys discuss all aspects of managing their florist shop in Moorhead, from its beginning in the Comstock Hotel during the 1940s to its expansion as Town and Country Flowers.  
PAULSON LLOYD 1989 Retired businessman Lloyd Paulson discusses his work for a bee keeper, hardware store, an later on as manager of Scheels Hardware.  
RUSNESS AUDREY M. 1985 Mrs. Rusness discusses her experiences in dance and her position as a secretary to the County Agent and Extension offices. 7/20/2017