Major recording updates were done in April 2015.



Last Name First Name Click to hear Recording Description Click for Transcript
ADELSON SALLY HILLEBOE 1989 Sally Hilleboe Adelson, the first woman in the Fargo-Moorhead area to have her own television show, discusses her involvement with television talk shows. 7/20/2017
BACCUS JIM 1989 Mr. Baccus, retire journalist, discusses his writing career for various newspapers, including the Forum.  
BERGQUIST DEWEY 1985 Mr. Bergquist describes his experiences in radio and television from 1946 to present, including announcing at KVOX radio and announcing and directing at WDAY-TV. Transcript
CHRISTENSON BOYD 1985 Mr. Christenson discusses his 38 years in the broadcasting business in the Fargo Moorhead area.  
COLLINS DOROTHY 1985 Dorothy Collins discusses her many years of experiences in writing for the Fargo Forum, and his horticultural columns.  
COWAN STAN 1985 Mr. Cowan worked in the communications field from 1921 to 1967. He discusses his experiences in newspaper journalism. Transcript
COYLE KATHY 1988 Ms. Coyle discusses her career as the anchor of a local television news broadcast, including details concerning the production of local news, the importance of ratings, relations with co-workers, and the advancement of women in television journalism. 7/20/2017
EASTMAN DORIS 1985 Mrs. Eastman discusses her 45 years of experience writing for the Fargo Forum. Transcript
EUREN HELEN R. 1987 Miss Euren discusses her career at the Moorhead Public Library for 1934 to 1977. She describes the library's services, the creation of the Lake Agassiz Regional Library, and the building of the new library building in 1960. 7/20/2017
HAMILTON ROGER 1985 Mr. Hamilton discusses his career in journalism especially his activities as the director of public relations at Moorhead State College from 1962 to 1981. 7/20/2017
HANSON NANCY EDMONDS 1989 Writer Nancy Edmonds Hanson discusses her career as a free-lance writer and her work for an advertising/marketing agency.  
PAULSON BEVERLY J. 1985 Mrs. Paulson describes her work as co-host of a live news and public affairs program on local Fargo-Moorhead television. She also discusses the off-camera aspects of local television work.  
PAULSON JOHN 1989 Mr. Paulson, a retired newspaper reporter, discusses different aspects of the newspaper industry, from being a paperboy, copy desk person, reporter and editor.  
PETERSON HELEN 1985 Mrs. Peterson and her husband Wayne owned the Moorhead Daily News from 1930 to 1944. She discusses various features of the paper and how the business has changed over the years. 7/20/2017
SCHRADER NORMAN C. 1985 Mr. Schrader joined the news staff at WDAY in 1949 and has served as president of the North Dakota Associated Press Broadcasters Association. He discusses his experiences at WDAY.  
WEAVER WILLIAM (BILL) 1988 Mr. Weaver discusses his career as a local radio and television personality with WDAY in Fargo from 1953 to 1964. He describes the early days of television, and his activities as a sportscaster and talk show host. 7/20/2017