Major recording updates were done in April 2015.



Last Name First Name Click to Hear Recording Description Click for Transcript
CORNELL DELIA J. 1985 Mrs. Cornell, born in 1888, discusses her experiences as a homemaker and teacher. Transcript
GADBERRY CAROLYN 1985 Mrs. Gadberry describes her life experiences such as working and going to school full time, farming, truck driving and homemaking.  
HANSON MARIE 1985 Mrs. Hanson discusses her experiences as a homemaker during the depression and war years, commenting upon such topics as holidays, family entertainment, etc.  
LEE ELSIE 1985 Mrs. Lee tells of her many years of experience as a homemaker and describes her life and activities in Moorhead. 7/20/2017
MURRAY ALICE 1985 Mrs. Murray discusses her life as homemaker during the Depression and World War II.  
NELSON STELLA 1986 Mrs. Nelson discusses the experiences of a homemaker today in comparison to those of homemakers earlier in this century, including shopping, housekeeping, and the changing roles of women.  
OLSGAARD ESTER 1985 Mrs. Olsgaard, born in 1898, discusses her many years of homemaking.  
OLSON BEULAH 1984 Mrs. Olson, born in 1912, relates her childhood, early education, and life as a homemaker. She discusses the changing roles of women. 7/20/2017
POLIKOWSKY ALICE 1985 Mrs. Polikowsky discusses her education and teaching experiences in home economics. 7/20/2017
RYSTAD BEATRICE 1985 Mrs. Rystad relates her experiences as homemaker and as teacher in the field of home economics.  
SCOTT LEVETA 1985 Mrs. Scott describes her life as a homemaker on a farm in Borup, Minnesota from 1938 to the 1960s. 7/20/2017
TABBUT MARGARET (FOBES) 1985 Mrs. Tabbut, born in 1918, describes her early life on a farm. She also discusses the changes in homemaking that are the result of technological development, working outside the home, and social and economic changes. Transcript
THOMPSON HELEN J. 1985 Mrs. Thompson, born in 1919, discusses her experiences as homemaker and teacher.  
TORGERSON ALFREDA 1986 Focusing on the life of her mother as a homemaker, Torgerson reflects on growing up during the Depression and World War II. She describes the impact of technology on the homemakers' tasks.  
WESTRUM GLADYS 1985 Mrs. Westrum describes a typical homemakers' day in the age before modern conveniences and how the homemaker's tasks have changed as a result of technology. 7/20/2017