Major recording updates were done in April 2015.




Last Name First Name Click to Hear Recording Description Click for Transcript
BOLOGNA CAMILLO V. 1988 Dr. Bologna briefly discusses his career as a pathologist in Moorhead.  
CARLON DONALD L. 1986 Dr. Carlon was a radiologist at the St. Ansgar Hospital in Moorhead from 196_-1980. In his interview, he discusses his background and career in medicine.  
COLLITON PATRICK A., M.D. 1986 Dr. Colliton has been a solo ophthalmologist in Moorhead since 1967. He describes changes in medicine and newer technologies in the filed of ophthalmology which include laser, intraocular implants and radical keratotomy.  
COVEY KENNETH W. 1986 Dr. Kenneth Covey started an independent family practice in Moorhead in 1966. In this interview he discusses small town medicine and the changes in orthopedics-prothesis, replacement joints, etc. He also describes the economic turmoil in medicine and the treat of socialized medicine. 7/20/2017
DALLUM EDNA 1985 Miss Dallum practiced nursing from 1930 to the 1970s. She relates her experiences at St. Ansgar Hospital and in the offices of Drs. Thysell, Bakken, and Bjerke.  
DUNCAN BEATRICE 1985 Mrs. Duncan discusses the life, achievements, and medical practices of her husband, Dr. James Duncan.  
GUDMUNDSON EDWARD A. 1985 Edward Gudmundson has worked as a pharmacist from 1945 to 1984. He describes his schooling, experiences, and compares drug stores of the 1940s with those of the 1980s. Transcript
HOLTEN JOHN R. 1985 Dr. Holten describes his early experiences in the medical profession. He also discusses his elected position as coroner in 1960.  
OLIVER JAMES 1985 Dr. Oliver James began his career in medicine in 1945 and retired in 1981. He discusses medical practice of his early days and relates his experiences in the field.  
SAXMAN GERTRUDE 1985 Dr. Saxman discusses her experiences in medicine and her medical practice in Ulen, MN from 1960-1983. 7/20/2017
THORNBY HAROLD 1986 Dr. Thornby discusses the medical career of his father, H. V. Thornby, a physician in Barnesville, and later Moorhead during the early decades of the 20th century.  
THYSELL V. DUANE 1985 Dr. Thysell reminiscences about his 48 year career in medicine in Hawley and Moorhead between 1934 and 1981. He focuses on the activities of a rural medical practice, and how these changed over time. Transcript
TRETTEL MARY BERNICE 1984 Sister Trettel became registered as an ex-ray technician in 1940. She discusses her work at St. Ansgar Hospital in Moorhead.