Service Organizations

Major recording updates were done in April 2015.



Last Name First Name Click to Hear Recording Description Click for Transcript
AKELEY FRANCES 1985 Mrs. Akeley discusses how the local Junior Leagues were started. She tells of the League's history and activities.  
ALLISON G. ROBERT 1989 Mr. Allison, a Fergus Falls businessman, discusses his involvement with the Rotary, including the Rotary Foundation and various conventions.  
ANSTETT HUGH 1985 Mr. Anstett has been a member of the Moorhead Rotary Club since 1951. He discusses the purposes, projects, and membership of the club.  
BERG AGNES G. 1985 Mrs. Berg worked in the offices of Drs. Fred Thysell and James Duncan from 1937 to 1975. She discusses medical problems the doctors encountered and emergency work and surgery of earlier days.  
BRAND WERNER 1985 Dr. Brand, a long time professor and administrator at Moorhead State University, discusses the Kiwanis service organization, and the history, development and leadership of the original Moorhead Kiwanis Club. 7/20/2017
CALLAHAN JEAN 1984 Both Mrs. Callahan and Mrs. Murphy served as presidents of the Fargo-Moorhead Junior League. They discuss the League's projects, programs. and fund raising events.  
CLARK ELIZABETH 1986 Ms. Clark discusses her experience as a nurse, and as a teacher of nursing at North Dakota State University.  
CLARK LYLE E. 1986 Mr. Clark discusses the history of the Moorhead Lions Club. He describes the beginnings of the club in 1945, past members, fund raising activities, service projects, and hospitality.  
CONDELL YVONNE 1985 Dr. Condell has been a member of the Moorhead branch of the American Association of the University Women for 20 years. She describes the Association's history mission, and scholarship programs.  
DOSLAND DONNA 1985 Mrs. Dosland has been involved with the Clay County Public Health Nursing Service since 1969. She discusses its history, function, and its move to the Clay County Health Department in 1980. 7/20/2017
DOUGHERTY EILEEN 1986 Mrs. Dougherty briefly discusses her training at the St. John's Hospital Nursing program, and her career at St. Ansgar Hospital in Moorhead.  
GILLESPIE MARION 1985 Mrs. Gillespie joined the Altrusa Club as a chapter member. She discusses the club's background and fund raising activities.  
GLASRUD CLARENCE 1985 Dr. Glasrud discusses his involvement with the Moorhead Rotary Club over the past several decaded. He provides background into the history and functions of the Moorhead Rotary Club. Transcript
HALLIDAY RUTH 1985 Mrs. Halliday and Mrs. Sanford discuss their involvement in the "Drop-in" Center on Hotline. They of the Center's beginnings and fund raising efforts.  
Jenkins Florence 1985 Mrs. Jenkins began volunteer work for the Red Cross during World War II. She discusses the goals and work of the Clay County Red Cross Chapter. Transcript
Kiefer Jacob R. 1986 Kiefer, a native of Moorhead, discusses his involvement in a number of the community's service organizations including the Legion club, the Rotary, and the Moorhead Chamber of Commerce. Transcript
MACLEOD MILDRED 1985 Mrs. MacLeod has held many positions within the Camp Fire Girls organization. She discusses its history, goals, and activities.  
McCORMICK SARA NORDLIE 1985 A member of the Moorhead Altrusa organization since 1962, McCormick describes the activities of Altrusa, including social service, fund raising and special projects. 7/20/2017
MONSON LORRAINE 1985 Mrs. Monson describes the volunteer work she does at the Moorhead Thrift Shop. She discusses the shop's inventory and distribution of profits.  
MORTENSON WILBUR D. 1985 Mr. Mortenson has been a member of the American Legion since 1946. He discusses the Legion's history, goals and purposes. 7/20/2017
MUNN ANDRE 1985 Mr. Munn has been involved in Boy Scouts since 1932. He talks of local scouting history and activities over the years.  
MUNN RUTH 1986 Mrs. Munn describes her career in nursing, including her training at the nursing program at St. John's Hospital in Fargo. 7/20/2017
MURPHY KATHERINE 1984 Both Mrs. Callahan and Mrs. Murphy served as presidents of the Fargo-Moorhead Junior League. They discuss the League's projects, programs. and fund raising events.  
PRESTON DANIEL 1985 Preston gives some brief information on the early activities of the American Legion in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Transcript
REED MARGARET 1985 Mrs. Reed speaks of her education and experience in social service administration. She also discusses her work for the establishment of a grant for a volunteer community service in Moorhead. 7/20/2017
RENDAHL JUNALD L. 1985 As a long time member of the Noontime Kiwanis Club, Dr. Eendahl discusses the history and of the club in Moorhead.  
SANFORD GLENDA 1985 Mrs. Halliday and Mrs. Sanford discuss their involvement in the "Drop-in" Center on Hotline. They of the Center's beginnings and fund raising efforts.  
SCHERFENBERG LAURA 1986 Scherfenberg discusses her many years of activities with the Moorhead branch of Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). She describes the organization's goals, finances, projects, and its role in the community. Transcript
SCHULTZ BONNIE 1985 Ms. Schultz describes the beginnings of the Girl Scouts program. She discusses local activities, growth, and the participation of parents and volunteers.  
SEIGEL JEANNE 1984 Seigel discusses her involvement with the St. Ansgar Hospital Auxillary, of which she was president from 1975-77.  
SKOGEN EDITH 1985 Mrs. Skogen has served as teacher and principal from 1931 to 1975. She discusses the formation of the Soroptimist Club and the highlights of its history in Moorhead.  
SNIDER MYRNA 1985 Mrs. Snider gives a historical sketch of the local Salvation Army, describes its activities and its volunteer work force.  
SWANSON RUTH 1985 Ruth Swanson has worked at the harbor School for the Handicapped since its origin in 1956. She discusses its history and achievements.  
THORESON ROY 1984 Mr. Thoreson describes the Lions Club since its organization in 1946. He was an early members and was active as a leader from 1960 to 1980.  
TYSVER HAROLD 1985 Mr. Tysver has been working for the United Way since 1980. He discusses the organization's growth and development, community involvement, and fund raising.  
WRIGHT HANNY L. 1984 Mrs. Wright describes her association with St. Ansgar Hospital Auxilliary, of which she was a president for many years. In a second community's Red Cross chapter. 7/20/2017